After purchasing and dealing with another hearing aid facility we finally went to a another hearing place that handles the same hearing aids at my husband purchased. With the first facility he's had them for 8 months kept going back for adjustments he can hear better with the hearing aids out than with them in. So today we just went over to us hearing had a wonderful experience people were very friendly and knowledgeable. 100% satisfied the doctor knew what he was doing he went in adjusted everything and my husband hasn't been satisfied with the hearing aids until today. Would highly recommend anyone looking for hearing aids to go see us hearing in Orange Park Florida
Joy Bell, on Google
Went to US Hearing after getting a pamphlet offering a free hearing test. Office was clean and my appointment commenced on time. I like that you could actually view on screen when Dr. Betz looked in my ears. He was thorough in explaining everything he was doing and was honest with me that I did not really have a loss that needed hearing aids at this time. I will definitely use him in the future as the need arises.
PK Wenthe, on Google
My visit with audiologist Kelly Betz was pleasant! He was very professional explained to me everything about ringing in the ears and what can cause it. He didn't rush me out he took the time and let me ask questions, we even had a casual conversation about the goings on in the world. If I do ever get to the point that I need hearing devices, I'll be sure to give him my business. His office receptionist was very friendly as well! I highly recommend Kelly Betz!
Melanie Fell, on Google
Kelly is very helpful and solved my hearing aid issue over the phone until I could get to the office Sherry is the best. She is so personable and always concerned about me as a person.
Jean Kilts, on Google

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